VIP In-House Dental Plan

 We are excited to offer an in-house dental plan in an effort to help out patients without dental insurance, or patients who are tired of dealing with dental insurance companies.

Why chose an In-House Dental Plan?

Dental insurance coverage can be disadvantageous for patients. Monthly premiums are expensive, increase frequently, coverage is limited, maxes out even if you need more dental care, and can have high deductables and waiting periods.

Our unique In-House Dental Plan is an opportunity for our uninsured patients or patients who are tired of dealing with insurance company policies and limitations to get affordable care at a fraction of the cost of dental insurance. Patients do not have to feel chained to their dental insurance companies.  There is an alternative and opportunity to cut out the middle man insurance company.

What is an In-House Dental Plan?

For an annual fee you will receive preventative services for at no cost.  Other dental services will be covered at a discounted rate.  That’s it! No deductables, maximums, claims, pre-authorizations, and insurance hassles!  The insurance company is removed from the equation and you can continue to receive the great care you are used to getting at reduced fees.  Unlike dental insurances that make you pay high premiums for services you may never use, an In-House Dental Plan pays for itself with your first exam and cleaning! 

No Deductables

No Maximums

No Waiting Periods

No Missing Tooth Clause

No Claims

No Pre-Authorizations


  • First Family Member $325/year
  • Each Additional Family Member >15yo $225/year
  • Each Child Member <14yo $165/year
  • No Id Cards or Member/Group #'s needed
  • Effective Date is the day you sign up
  • Annual Memberships starts on sign up until Dec. 31st
  • Renewal Date starts on Jan. 1st the following year


  • 2 Exams anytime per calendar year
  • 2 Regular Prophylaxis Cleaning per calendar year
  • All Necessary X-rays
  • All Necessary Intra-Oral Images
  • Emergency Exams or Consults
  • 2 Fluoride Treatments per calendar year <14yo
  • 25% off all Necessary or Recommended treatment
  • 25% off all Cosmetic Dentistry

Pays for itself after one exam and cleaning!

So if you are tired of dealing with all the insurance hassles this may be the right option for you! Call us to get more information and sign up. You can use it the same day!